Fencing clubs in KwaZulu-Natal

We currently have 4 fencing clubs in KZN, the University of KwaZulu-Natal Fencing Club in Durban and the Hillcrest Fencing Club in Hillcrest, Durban North Fencing Club and Maestro Fencing Clubare always looking to expand the number of clubs in the province.

University of KwaZulu-Natal Fencing Club

The long standing UKZN Fencing Club is based at the Old Mutual Sports Hall in Francois Rd Durban. Training nights at the club are Monday and Wednesday. For more information, contact Adrian Bellengere on 082 442 6842.

Hillcrest Fencing Club

The Hillcrest Fencing Club is a new club, having been established in mid 2013. The club has been very successful with good interest shown by the local community. Training nights at Hillcrest are Tuesday and Thursday with an average of 15 members attending each session. Training is provided as part of your club fees in both group and private lessons. For more information, contact Stuart Gibson on 082 462 3788.

Durban North Fencing Club

This is a new club based in Durban North established by the Fencing KZN development committee. Training is on Tuesday nights from 6:30PM at the Sea Scouts hall at Virginia circle. The club is supported by experienced KZN members. Training takes the form of group and private lessons, followed by fencing bouts between approximately 8 members per session. Contact Tracy for details on 082 350 2287.

Maestro Fencing

This is a new club currently operating from Kloof scouts hall on Friday evenings from 5:30PM. For more information, contact Aydar on 079 558 5575.

Other Areas

We are looking to start fencing clubs throughout the province. If you are interested in starting a fencing club in your area, we would love to help you. Guidance and assistance will be provided by Fencing KZN. This also applies to schools who would like to offer the sport. Please contact Stuart on 082 462 3788 with any questions in this regard.