Fencing KZN has 3 FFSA recognised fencing coaches who assist with training at the various clubs. In addition, KZN has a wealth of talent in senior fencers who have competed at international and national levels, and these people are always willing to provide advice, tactical assistance as well as training to anyone who asks for help.

The weapon of choice for beginners is the epee. This is a stabbing weapon where points are scored by pushing in the contact point situates on the tip of the blade. The footwork learned in this weapon provides a grounding for all three weapon types. In addition, scoring rules are a lot simpler with the epee than the other weapons, so ideal for beginners, and can be practiced through all levels of the sport including world championships and the Olympics. The cost of equipment to get competition ready is also a lot cheaper for epee as opposed to foil and sabre which require specialised and comparatively costlier conductive jackets (called a Lame, pronounced lahmay).

Having said that we use epee as our starting weapon, tuition in all three weapon types is available in KZN.

Suitable ages for fencing

Fencing is a sport that can be practiced by a very wide age range. At the younger end of the scale, it is difficult to give a minimum age as so much depends on the overall strength and particularly the strength of the wrist of the participant, but a general guideline would be 8 to 10 as a starting age. Our oldest participants are currently in their seventies. So if you are fit and healthy, you should fit in!


Fencing is a sport for both males and females, so come and join us.